iam606 recently launched by founder/lead designer Alex Morga with his original design called the “scape”, a unique hybrid between a scarf & cape. Self-taught with no formal training Alex hopes this capsule collection will introduce a versatile product that appeals to a wide audience including male/female, young/old, high end & street.

San Francisco based designer Alex walked into our pattern design studio with a first sewn sample, first paper pattern pattern and a whole lot of determination to take his product to market! Bay Thread gave him advice that would help him along the way and made his pattern a production ready industry standard apparel pattern. We also recommended the best sewing techniques for his unique product ensuring that the versatility of his scape would work as he envisioned it. He focuses on selecting the right fabric combinations for his reversible pieces so that they will compliment each other without affecting quality. We are delighted that we had the opportunity to manufacture his first collection. We are looking forward to his spring collection, he has shared some ideas with us and they leave you wanting one in each color! Shop now iam606.

Dear Alex, your determination and enthusiasm is inspiring, congratulations on your successful launch!