Fashionable Dress Manufacturers in California

Taking your creative ideas from concept to market can have its challenges; Bay Thread works with you to eliminate many of the obstacles that come with Fashionable dress manufacturers in California. We can manufacture your products and designs. We offer manufacturers that make clothes in the USA cut and sew services with low minimums. We work with local manufacturers and professional seamstresses to produce your garments, quality controlling each process along the way.

What we can help you with

  • Small batch production.
  • Made to order options.
  • After development comes production and we are here to offer an easy to manage cut and sew service.
  • Apparel manufacturing for many product types including women’s apparel, kids, men’s, home decor, toys, accessories, pet products, soft good items…
  • Cut and sew your designs in local sewing factories.
  • Production using highly skilled seamstresses & industrial sewing machines.
  • Manufacture your products or designs at low minimums.
  • Sample sewing of first samples, media samples, and trade show samples.
  • Guess what! There is no sample making limit.
  • Just in time production for your product as well as private label clothing.
  • Small production, apparel contractors, accessory production, small leather goods, clothing manufacturers.
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