Pattern Making

Bay Thread offers affordable pattern-making services needed to prepare you for the apparel manufacturing processes. Using your design details we will draft your first sewing pattern. Pattern making is completed to industry standards.

Technical Packs

Bay Thread will create the tech packs for your styles which includes technical flat sketches, sewing instructions, bill of materials and any other details needed to ensure your production orders are manufactured with ease.

Sample Making

First comes patterns, then comes sample making. Using the first pattern and your approved fabrics our professional seamstress will create your first sample.

Fit Session

Bay Thread offers a free fit session with our sample making service. With over 20 years of apparel design experience, we work with well-established companies & fashion startups, no experience necessary!

Digitizing & Grading

In digital format we will complete pattern grading for each style. Grading is the process of taking your base patterns & increasing or decrease the proportions to complete your size range.


Hooray!!! You are one step away from the cut and sew manufacturing processes! The last item you need is a marker. Markers are completed within our digital software to prepare the best cutting layout to minimize waste.

Fabric Sourcing

Sourcing can be difficult but we make it easy with our affordable fabric & trim sourcing service. We can also help with other vendor sourcing you may need along the way such as label makers.

Cut & Sew

Bay Thread offers made to order, low minimum manufacturing options. We are also equipped to produce larger orders & get you ready for market with no extra lead times. Turn around times vary from season to season. Call us for current times.

Factory Location

Our sewing factory partners are all located within the Bay Area in California. This allows for easy quality control. Made in the USA, we strive to make the processes easy and enjoyable.

Turn Around Times

Turn around times vary from service to service.
Pattern Making: 1 to 4 weeks
Samples Sewing: 1 to 4 weeks
Tech packs: 1 to 3 weeks
Grading: 1 to 4 weeks
Manufacturing: 4 to 12 weeks

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