As we develop 1000’s of products for our clients we learn new things daily and I happy to share my learning experiences with you.

What I learned today…

Fabric card swatches are small, tiny and sometimes really tiny. I sourced 3 options for a client , within their requirements they asked for the fabric not to be transparent.

Click, click, click goes my keyboard as I emailed vendors asking for options. A few weeks later we received the swatches and we reviewed the different color cards. The designer rejected one of the fabrics, quickly, because the swatch was light in weight and transparent. I reviewed the 4” x 4” swatch myself and agreed it seemed a lot lighter in weight than the other two options.

Not able to find another option I reached back out to the vendor asking for a similar fabric but in a heavier weight, I requested a 3.3 to 3.5 oz. It turns out that the fabric we rejected so quickly by viewing it on the swatch card weighs 3.4 oz. well within the range desired. WOW kinda surprised!

The swatch looks and feels one way but the reality can be another.


Always ask for fabric specifications if the header does not list them. Ask for the following information:

Item #, style name/description, fabric weight, width, content, origin, shrinkage and recommended care instructions. I advice you gather this information prior to making your selection on any fabric swatches or color cards a vendor may send you.

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