AKASHI-KAMA just launched modern products designed and influenced by the Japanese-American experience. Their original design the Akashi-Kama Noragi Jacket is their take on an American light jacket with a Japanese work-wear silhouette.

When I first met the AKASHI-KAMA team I quickly noticed the passion that would help make their brand special and unique. They shared a clear vision of what their designs should look like. They embraced the Japanese inspiration and perfectly mixed it with a modern American fit.

The fabrics are source from Japan and are cut and dyed in an old world style that produces superb quality.

Let’s chat about the beautiful light weight jacket made of the beautiful Japanese fabrics, the Noragi Jacket. It has a traditional collar shape, which was perfectly tailored on the sewing pattern during their first fitting! Let’s not forget how much you will love the pair of golden minimalist ends.

We are looking forward to developing the next Akashi_Kama designs. Learn more about their vision at https://www.akashi-kama.com/vision