Bay Thread offers pattern making services to well-established companies and fashion startups with little to no experience in the apparel fashion industry. We have many years of experience with women’s, men’s and kid’s wear to swimwear and active wear. We share our experience and knowledge with you to make the apparel manufacturing processes as easy as possible. Our pattern service includes a free design consultation to discuss your designs in detail to ensure we understand your vision. Unable to visit our design studio? Not a problem! We have out of state clients who never step foot through our doors. With over 15 years of experience, we offer professional services to help you bring your vision to market with a friendly and creative atmosphere.

What we can help you with

  • Pattern development resulting in production ready apparel patterns.
  • Creating your first apparel production sewing patterns using your design notes.
  • Creating apparel patterns from a sketch or sample.
  • Sewing Patterns made with all the components needed to manufacture and produce your products
  • Custom sewing patterns that you can re-use for future collections.
  • Pattern development for your specific size range.