“Eloisa has been a tremendous resource right from the start when I had no idea how to start a clothing label. Eloisa helped turn my concept into reality through her skills and extensive experience in pparel production. On top of that she was so patient with my little knowledge on the technical process, and is always open to sharing ideas both on the creative and practical usiness side. I know i can count on Eloisa to give me honest feedback on design aspects and that she will strive for the highest quality in the final product. She has given me so much guidance and been a reliable partner throughout the process, even giving me support and encouragement through the challenges of starting a business. I am so lucky to have found her.”

-Lenny T. San Francisco, CA.

“I came to Eloisa with a prototype for a design and absolutely zero knowledge or experience with the world of pattern-making or soft product production. Eloisa explained every step of the process, includ- ing timing and costs, clearly and unambiguously. Total no-nonsense transparency. And then, the process itself followed her description to a T, which included her active management of the steps, recommen- dations for product sources as needed, etc. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Thank you Eloisa!”

-Zabrae V. Oakland, CA.

“I love working with Eloisa at Bay Thread. I am new to the fashion industry and do not know the proper terminology and procedures for producing a product. I need someone I can trust. I found that trust
in Eloisa. She takes the time to put thought into the pattern making process and find solutions to challenging problems. Most importantly, she does her work on time. As a producer of my product, working with different manufactures, she is an excellent communicator, she knows which production houses are notorious for being late, and if there is a delay in production, she will immediately notify me. This is so im- portant – some people lag on giving you information that is critical to your planning process. I care that the fit is perfect, that the seams are strong, and that the manufacturer truly understands the challenges of my unique pattern. I am so glad to have found Eloisa and Bay thread. Production of a product can be stressful and Eloisa brings ease to an intimidating process.

-Anna B. Chickfly, Ukiah, CA

“As someone with no background in fashion, Eloisa thoughtfully walked me through the pattern making and prototype process. Com- munication through email as well as in person consultations is fluid and effective allowing for maximum understanding of desired outcomes. Her knowledge, expertise, and advice provide the support to create and construct a premium garment. I would highly recommend Bay Thread to anyone seeking world class pattern/sample making services.”

Peter, S. San Francisco, CA.

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I cannot possibly give Eloisa enough praise for her help in the creation and success of my business! She made it possible for a novice like me to see my vision come to life! I brought Eloisa some very rough sketches and samples and she worked with me, very patiently, until we were able to produce a final product that I am very proud of! No matter what stage of the creation process you are at, I would HIGHLY recommend bringing Eloisa on board. She is a one stop shop for making your dreams a reality! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to go from A to Z after I started working with her! I have been working with Eloisa for about 2 years now and I have done almost 10 rounds of production and am working on designing my 5th product with her!”

Brandon S. San Francisco, CA.

“From concept to finished product, Eloisa has been an invaluable part of our product development process. She applies years of industry experience and technical expertise and provides an exceptional level of service and consulting. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Bay Thread!”

Addison S. Walnut Creek, CA.

“ I’m beyond ecstatic to be working with Eloisa from Bay Threads for numerous years now! As an established designer and seamstress, I found myself overwhelmed with getting patterns for my designs and keeping up production. Eloisa took that frustration away with ease and professionalism. I’ve worked with other pattern makers in the past, but Eloisa is your go to with her profound knowledge and versatile talents within the industry. You can take comfort that your idea or design will be brought to fruition with impeccable customer relations, and craftsmanship.”

-Sarah S. San Francisco, CA.

“I have been working with Eloisa and Bay Thread for over 3 years. I showed up with very basic ideas and sketches around what I was looking for and she has been able to transform a concept into a fin-
ished product. Her attention to detail and patience to educate on her profession is truly above and beyond what one would expect. From pattern making, material choices, design changes, and high volume manufacturing connections, Eloisa is a one stop shop for it all. I can’t imagine working with a different pattern maker/garment designer after all the success I have had with Bay Thread. If you are just beginning your design process or in the middle and hitting road blocks, Eloisa will help you find the solution and work with you for what makes the most sense.”

Max B. San Francisco, CA.

“I highly recommend Bay Threads. I hired Eloisa to produce a pencil skirt and her execution was phenomenal. This was my first time out- sourcing for a small production run so I was a bit nervous. However, I found out shortly after working with Eloisa that I had nothing to worry about because I was in good hands. Eloisa helped me throughout the whole production process, from pattern-making services all the way to production. She held my hands through it all and was quick to fix any minor mistakes or confusion. I appreciated her flexibility to change direction as a result of my new ideas. I was impressed by her attention to detail, and her attentiveness, and outstanding customer service.
I am so grateful for the amazing work that she did and I plan on work- ing with her again.”

Hawa Z. San Francisco, CA.

“Bay Threads is 2nd to none! Having an idea that will benefit clients in our industry, Bay Threads listened and delivered our vision from thought to a tangible product! Eloisa is a pleasure to work with. A bonafide professional. Her expertise kept us calm and collected, when
concerns would arise. If you’re thinking of taking your idea to a devel- oping phase, call Bay Thread!”

Daniela L. Modesto, CA.

“I came across Bay Threads doing some research online, and Eloisa has been a great help. She helped adjust my patterns and has guided me through the whole process of getting my Athletic Wear Line into production, and ready for the market. She’s very knowledgeable and always available, and transparent when it comes to answering any questions. I will definitely continue to work with her.”

D.Diggs, Oakland, CA.

“Figuring out how to bring my designs from a concept in my head to a tangible product was a frustrating process for me. I’d searched ev- erywhere trying to figure out how to get started and where to get help. Luckily I found Eloisa at Bay Thread– she brought my ideas to life!! And I love how her approach is very transparent. From the beginning, Eloisa gave me a full understanding of what the process would entail and how much it cost. She even worked with suppliers on my behalf to produce my items and get them ready for retail. Her A-to-Z approach allowed me to focus on being creative and growing my business, and not have to deal with all the logistics of the fashion industry which was completely unfamiliar to me. I can’t speak highly enough of her ser- vices!!”

Shenetta W. Chicago, IL.

“I am so thrilled to have found Bay Thread in my search for local pattern makers. As a new designer, I had some technical experience (having gone to school for fashion design), but I had SO much to learn in terms of professional pattern making. Eloisa has been incredible every step of the way through the pattern and sample making process. She’s patiently answered my millions of questions, has always enabled clear communication about pricing, fabric, and technical details of my designs, and has helped me both make patterns from scratch and refine and perfect some of my own. She’s helpful and kind, and I can tell she’s passionate about this industry. I’d highly recommend her whether you are a new or seasoned designer in need of pattern and sample making!”

Kendall W. Englewood, CO.

“Eloisa and her team are on point when it comes to making their cus- tomers happy. I’ve been working with Eloisa over numerous years and she’s always provided me with highly valued industry advice and input. Because of Eloisa I was able to produce a line of women’s profession-
al dresses that I’ve been selling to clients all over the Bay. If you want someone with professional background and great work attitude Bay Thread is the way to go.”

Patricia O. San Francisco, CA.

“Eloisa is truly a professional pattern maker. Even though I have a degree in Fashion Design & Pattern Making, I realized that I needed to hire someone with extensive experience to make my patterns. Prior to working with Eloisa I interviewed several other patten makers and companies that advertise that they are a one-stop shop where they will complete your line from concept to marketing. I would caution going this route for two reasons: One, it’s much more costly and time consuming and two, remember the saying “Jack of all trades, master in none.”

Kay E. Woodside, CA.

“Eloisa is amazing! Before her I had gone to several of different plac- es to look for the perfect wedding dress. But because of the shape of my body and what I wanted I couldn’t find anything that would fit correctly. I came to Eloisa with an idea and a picture, and from that she was able to create my dream dress. The whole wedding dress experience was simple and easy. She made everything run smoothly from the fittings to the day before the wedding. Every fitting was a breeze. And even the last dress fitting when the dress fit me a little big because of my stress weight loss, she was able to take care of it quickly and smoothly. My wedding dress was the only thing about my wed- ding that I never had to stress about. I highly recommend Eloisa, she’s knowledgeable, creative and very professional. And she really under- stands different body shapes.”

Atzimba M. Walnut Creek, CA.

“Bay Thread is professional, fast, and since Eloisa is a designer herself you know you are in good hands. She walks you through every step of the process and makes you feel assured, which was important to me since I am launching a new handbags and accessories line. I had 3
patterns made as well as protoypes. I’ll be going back to Bay Thread for more patterns in the future!”

Roseli I. Oakland, CA.

“Eloisa is fantastic! She is patient and gives informative feedback when needed. It’s great learning and working with her on projects and I plan to continue using her services for future pattern needs!”

Courtney H. San Francisco, CA.

“My company, Daughters Of Simone, has been working with Bay Thread for the past year now. We’ve truly had an exceptional experi- ence, to say the least. Eloisa Serrano and her team provide me with up to date information on my products, consistant feedback on how I can improve my samples and patterns, and deliver my orders on-time (which can seem like an anomaly the production industry!). What I
most appreciate is how technologically advanced their communication system is, every e-mail, text message, and phone call receives a quick response back from Bay Thread. With this company you feel like your working person to person rather than with a policy driven corporate structure. Such a relief to have found them. Definitely an A+.”

Brittany C. Fresno, CA.

“I hired Eloisa (Bay Thread) last summer to help me with a project that was near and dear to my heart and I was so pleased with the results she delivered. I am the inventor of a “cut and sew” children’s product, however when it came time to create a prototype of my invention I was at a bit of a loss. The idea was solid in my own head, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to translate the idea into a working design. That’s where Bay Thread came to the rescue! I met with Eloisa and felt very comfortable with her right away. Over the course of a couple meet- ings I was able to explain to her exactly the type of pattern I needed to have created and she did an excellent job of capturing all the details of my project in the pattern. She gave me her insight and expertise about how to best create the pattern and even what type of fabric and notions to use, and I trusted her professional and courteous input. After she had finished the pattern and I approved it, Eloisa helped me take the next step in having the pattern sewn by a local manufacturer. The day she delivered my finished prototype I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning! I was delighted to see the finished product and was impressed at how she was able to help me “bring to life” an idea that originated in my mind. I especially appreciated her willingness to assist me with this project because it wasn’t an article of clothing or anything I had seen on the website that it looked like she was accus- tomed to making. So if you are a designer or an inventor like me who has a concept and a vision but not the skills to create a pattern for it, I HIGHLY recommend Bay Thread!”

Jessica A. Alameda, CA.

“Eloisa, you changed my life and my business. My dream of a small purse business has come alive thanks to you and your wonderful team. You have taken my designs and make them real. I am always so thrilled when I receive my package because they always look just beautiful I could not have made this dream a reality without you.
Thank you so much”

Joan P. San Rafael, CA.

“After thoroughly extensive research for a quality manufacturer in the USA, I came across Bay Thread. Not only did the experience produce a sweater that exceeded the team and my own expectations, but the insight on every little detail was invaluable. The level of craftsmanship and dedication put into the piece was reflected in the overall quality of the end product. Whenever a question was raised, we would email or call and usually that same day, a helpful and honest reply was received.
Absolutely nothing is sugar coated, which speak volumes about the lev- el of importance placed on pleasing the client rather than getting paid like most other manufacturers. Eloisa was able to turn the vision we had into something greater; it doesn’t get any better than that!
Thank you so very much for everything done from start to finish, whether it was guiding us along or even a simple reply to a question. She certainly goes out of her way to make sure everything is correct before proceeding and giving clients more than they ever hoped for!”

Billy H. Springfield, MA.

“Eloisa at Bay Thread is awesome. She helped me grade my patterns during a time crunch to get ready for our 2013 photo Shoot for Evil Octopus. I plan on using her in the future for samples and production. Her pric- ing is more than fair and her services are a godsend to small designers like me. Thanks Eloisa!!”

Peter S. Pahoa, HI.