Apparel Making Consultations

Development & Quoting Consultation

Sometimes we just need someone to explain the key things needed to start your own apparel line, right?

The fashion industry can be hard to navigate but with a the correct knowledge and guidance, you can launch your items with ease and avoid costly mistakes.

Bay Thread is committed to assisting independent designers develop their collections. A private consultation will help prepare you for the apparel-making process, saving you time and money.

With over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry, we will provide valuable information with a friendly in-person consultation, video session, or phone call. We will answer all your questions and give you proper guidance for the development, production, and sourcing process. We will go over what comes first and helpful tips on requesting color cards, sample yardage, and much much more!

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A Short List of What We Will Discuss & Review

Review Inspirational images, reference samples, and sketches

understanding your vision is key to a successful launch, together we will review all your ideas and finalize the final design that is needed to move into the apparel development phase.

Apparel development process overview

learn about the development processes, things to consider, things to avoid, questions to ask

Pre-Production process overview

learn about the steps needed to complete the pre-production processes and why you need to
complete them.

Mass production overveiw

we will review the mass production processes, what is needed, how to avoid costly mistakes, and

Sourcing overview, with vendor information

fabric sourcing is difficult but with a little guidance on how to search for vendors and what to ask for during each phase makes sourcing easier. We will give you the right tools and wholesale vendor
information that can help.

Review delivery and turn around completion times

timelines are important! Let’s we will review an overall time frame for each stage of the processes so
you can plan accordingly.

Review manufacturing price points

when available we can give you an estimated quote on projected manufacturing costs for each
item. These prices are finalized once we make the first sample.

Define quotes for each proces

you will receive a clear price point for each service, per item/style so you are able to budget wisely. We do not collect one lump sum we simply collect each fee as we start and complete each service.

We manage each project & client with care from start to finish. Yep, sign me up!

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