Grading Sewing Patterns Service in USA

So you have approved your sewing pattern and sample, now what? It’s time to grade your patterns. Pattern grading is the process of taking a completed sewing pattern and increasing or decrease the proportions to make smaller and larger sizes. Once your first pattern is approved, we grade it using the specifications you provide, or we can assist you in establishing the correct grade rules for your products. Our grading sewing patterns service in the United States will create additional sizes in digital format for each of your designs.

We work with a variety of garment industry CAD software & offer printed plots. We can also convert your files so that you can open them in Adobe Illustrator. Markers are the cutting templates the cut and sew factories need to cut your production order in bulk. They are set up with length or width shrinkage and placed accurately to maximize your fabric yield and minimize fabric waist.

What we can help you with

  • Grading your approved patterns to all sizes within your size chart.
  • Digitizing your base patterns.
  • Create spec sheets for each size.
  • Take your finished pattern and develop smaller and larger sizes.
  • Grade your unique sewing patterns using your specific grade rules.
  • Marker layout and printing.
  • AccuMark, Gerber, PAD System, Optitex, Tukatech.
  • Creating tech packs for each style.
  • Create sewing instructions.
  • Pattern Cards or Bill of Material Sheets.
  • Costing sheets.